Staying Current

One of the cool things about Sticky Brain is that, because we are fairly lean, we have a lot of opportunities to try new things. Need that logo flying around? Well, we can hire someone, or we can try it ourselves with the tools we have available. Quite often we have the flexibility to try and learn something new that we can then use in future projects, and at the very least we can know enough to hire great people who truly know their tools well. Knowing your production tools is key in being a great producer.

There are also so many places to find reasonably-priced courses online. It’s a dream come true for people who want to fill in gaps, stay current, or try something totally wacky without dropping thousands on courses. And for the right brain (hello…) self-paced online learning is super powerful.

One of the courses we just took was on using Adobe After Effects, and the instructor was thorough, and the course design was terrific. Have a look at their other stuff if you’re interested:

Udemy Intro to After Effects

Courses tend to really depend on the instructor, and in this case it was great. Best of all, the courses are about $20 and that makes the risk level pretty low. We may get a credit if you sign up for this, but that’s not the point. Keeping your brain active by staying hungry and curious will help keep it Sticky! That’s my daughter’s usually-curious cat, btw.

Ted Brunt