The Meaning of Loki, er, Life

One of my favourite creative people was adamant that true inspiration couldn’t be forced. It happens in casual conversations, accidental encounters, and extremely unlikely places. It all felt a little quantum mechanic-y to me, but I understood the point, which was mainly to stop worrying about the times when you were just drawing a blank, or even worse, noticing your own patterns popping up. Like I’ve always told Sasha, if I have to make another concentration game for kids, I may randomly move things around because I’m BORED. And kids must be, too.

One of the mental wanderings I do involves broad scientific research, probably because I miss the days of working on shows from the legendary TVO science department, but also because I’ve always wondered if maybe I should have chosen a different path, despite my one angry grade 11 math teacher who worked hard to convince me I didn’t have what it took. Yes, I remember.

Anyway, my fascination with deep thermal vents, and their apparent role in how life jumped from single-celled to multi-celled, is still being fanned. Especially as research keeps advancing. National Geo just posted a great article about the possibility of life in our solar system looking a lot like that surrounding Loki’s Castle. Europa and Enceladus may look a lot like the black smokers spewing hot water into the murky dark under the ice in the North. They say it looks like watery Mordor.



Meanwhile, some Swedish researchers think they have found the missing link. “The study provides a new understanding of how the complex cell types that comprise plants, fungi, animals and humans evolved two billion years ago.”


How can you not be attracted to that, creatively? I can’t wait until we launch our next game!




Ted Brunt