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All They Do Is Win – Those Cutie Pugs

Well colour us tickled! Those amazing Cutie Pugs games just keep on charming people worldwide. At the recent KidScreen Awards in Miami, Cutie Pugs won the weirdly titled Digital – Preschool: Best Game – Other. We don’t care, we think it’s grand! Ben and Maria from the wonderful Little Engine Moving Pictures picked it up. We’re thankful that we got to work with them, the great team ...
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I Love it When a Plan Comes Together

We are continuing to see recognition for the Cutie Pugs Games around the world. Our partnership with Little Engine Moving Pictures, TVOKids (thank you, Jessica and Marney!), SRC, and funders Shaw Rocket Fund, Ontario Creates, and Canada Media Fund has been so gratifying. Andrew, our lead developer, and Connie, artist and lead designer, really put their love into this project, and to have people appreciate that, ...
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The Meaning of Loki, er, Life

One of my favourite creative people was adamant that true inspiration couldn’t be forced. It happens in casual conversations, accidental encounters, and extremely unlikely places. It all felt a little quantum mechanic-y to me, but I understood the point, which was mainly to stop worrying about the times when you were just drawing a blank, or even worse, noticing your own patterns popping up. Like ...
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Cutie Pugs Wins W3 Silver!

We were delighted to find out that Cutie Pugs games, created with our terrific partners Little Engine Moving Pictures, TVOKids,  Radio Canada and TFO with the support of Shaw Rocket Fund, CMF, and Ontario Creates, won a W3 Silver award for General Marketing Categories-Game or App for Marketing category. The W3 is the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, and it has a twin on our book shelf. It’s a ...
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Google Sheets Nerdout

So we decided to add blog posts. “What should I write about?”, asked every reluctant person who was encouraged to write, ever. We agreed that it should be stuff that was relevant to our business, but if we ever found things that we are super passionate about, or found interesting, it might be a good candidate. Besides, why else do we even have a company if we can’t just let fly every so often? ...
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Takin’ Care of Business

This could be a long one. Do your best! Spare a Buck? Pity the good children’s app maker. It’s difficult to make respectable revenue making great content for children. The truth is that most parents (I know, not you) don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the content their kids are consuming. Life is too busy, stress is super high, and their kid has control of a personal device and is quietly tapping away over ...
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How Teaching Makes Me A Better Entrepreneur

I teach anywhere from 3hrs-12hrs/week year-round in a trio of graduate certificate programs at a Toronto-based public college. The random collection of hours is the life of contract faculty. But after 10 years of it, I’ve gotten into the rhythm of each term. As much as I enjoy teaching, it does take away hours and cognitive energy from working on Sticky Brain projects. And I’m not hunting out a full-time ...
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Staying Current

One of the cool things about Sticky Brain is that, because we are fairly lean, we have a lot of opportunities to try new things. Need that logo flying around? Well, we can hire someone, or we can try it ourselves with the tools we have available. Quite often we have the flexibility to try and learn something new that we can then use in future projects, and at the very least we can know enough to hire great ...
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Kids and Technology

Way back in the 1990s, I was lucky enough to work at TVOntario when there was still a lot of in-house production. Current Affairs, Science, Health, Arts, and of course a diverse Children’s department made a lot of television that lives on in the memories of many people around the world. The Children’s unit had a wealth of experience, experienced educators and some of the most talented craftspeople I’ve ...
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