Cheesy Australian Outback Adventure

Games for a Major Campaign

Challenge: Cheesy is headed to the Australian Outback! 3 more games to make starring everyone’s favourite edible hero.

Solution: We spent time researching Australia, what kind of animals live there, and what makes it special. We really wanted the games to be outstanding and different from the typical ones seen in advergames. We proposed a variety of casual games for DHX to present to Parmalat for their biannual Cheestrings campaign: Croc Walk had kids figure out how to cross a pond without startling crocs. The other games had Cheesy flinging a boomerang, and climbing Ayers Rock in the pouch of a kangaroo.

Result: More solid traffic for the games, with average session length of over 5 minutes. We were onto something with the strategy game, even though we had to simplify it for the client’s needs.


December 7, 2016