Cheesy’s Epic Theme Park Adventure

Action-packed Games to Support a Consumer Product

Challenge: The sales team at DHX Television approached Sticky Brain as a content partner for their presentation to Parmalat. They wanted a trio of quick, action-packed advergames that would feature the Cheestrings product, their main character Cheesy, and use the theme “Epic Theme Park” for a contest that rewarded kids for playing games. The campaign had to deliver on time to match a large broadcast window featured on the network, and fit their technical standards. There were very few assets available, and no formal style guide for the brand. We knew they wanted fun games that resonated with kids.

Solution: Sticky Brain invented three games as part of a promotional website: Wacky Water Boats where you battle others in a Lazy River type race, Dolphin Diversion about dolphins jumping for stars, and Super Sky Rings, a roller coaster procedural game. The games were tested in a grade 5 school in Ontario to help fine-tune the play and remove bugs. We love using original music and pay attention to details that help our content stand out. Original music and sound design was created by artist Calvin Cardioid. Our visual team created hilarious images and animation, and our developer integrated them into fun, unique games.

Results: We created games that kids connect with, resulting in the number of plays and time spent., Our games ranked among the most played by kids across all of the campaign websites. And who doesn’t like launching dolphins into the air?

The contest lasted nearly 3 months, with over 12,000 users playing the games. DHX has come back to us with more Cheesy contests, and we have developed a great relationship with their team.