Fruit by the Foot Games

HTML5 Games for Campaign

Challenge: The team from DHX Television had a new mission for us: create HTML5 for their Fruit by the Foot campaign, with a limited budget and no existing art. Games should have multiple tiers, and each tier should reward a player with an entry for a different prize. The brand is silly, quirky and willing to have fun. Our kind of challenge!

Solution: We created three  games that used their “What’s on Your End?” characters from some of their tv spots. Fungee Jump was a game of bungee jumping, where kids rolled down into the unknown and had to catch characters that were wandering below. Happy Fruit Trails was a snake-like game that had Fruit rolls growing on the screen, avoiding walking teeth. You have to be there. Fruit Fling has you hurl the FxF into the sky, where points and glory lie. The amazing 8-bit audio Calvin created feels like it needs some 1990s hair.

Results: The 2015 campaign ran for just over a month and received 15,000 users with 580,000 page views! The 2016 campaign is underway and looks to be just as much of a hit with kids.