The Big Comfy Couch Apps

Bring a Classic TV Show into the Mobile App World

Challenge: Consider how to bring a much loved classic live-action Canadian television series from the 1990s into the mobile app world – in animation.  The concept needed to remain true to the brand, but modernized to appeal both to original fans who are now parents, and to their preschoolers.

Solution: In collaboration with most of the original television producers in partnership with Radical Sheep Productions, The final project consisted of a promotional website and 4 individual apps that honoured the original series and content team. Just Ask Molly has users ask lovable doll Molly anything. She responds with her typical thought bubble and an icon of advice. Clock Rug Time is a watch, alarm and timer that features Loonette doing her famous clock rug stretch routine. Fuzzy Wuzzy Fun is a series of mazes designed to help toddlers learn about fine motor control, while dancing with the Dust Bunny brothers. Molly’s Big Day is a lovely e-book with activities that has readers helping Molly face the anxiety of the first day of school.

Results: We worked with a number of the original producers and talent from the show to create apps that remained on brand. We strategically made the simpler apps available for free, and focused the majority of the effort on two delightful apps that worked for young kids. One of them is a digital book, which makes us very happy! Awareness and sales of merchandise have increased, and Big Comfy now has a terrific YouTube channel. We also received a  2016 W3 Silver Award!




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