Total Drama Island – Season 5

Series Finale Games for TELETOON Network

Challenge: The television brand was well known, and had been supported with fun digital games for years. We needed to make something new to work with the final season. Our partners at Fresh and TELETOON wanted a Bell Fund proposal and the resulting production completed for launch of the new season.

Solution: Our successful application consisted of two medium sized games that were designed to be played longer than the average casual game, building deeper engagement for the audience with the brand. Longboard Run, which was a skateboard side scroller with multiple levels and hilarious obstacles, and Toss Like a Boss, which had the player using a lacrosse stick and various types of ammunition to knock their opponents off a structure. Both games introduced twists from standard gameplay, and remained on brand for the series.

Results: The games were delivered for launch, and were immediately among the top performing games on TELETOON in both English and French. The games were also licensed to Canal+ in France. The properties have achieved great traffic; Toss Like a Boss has an average game duration of over 9 minutes!




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